how to fix a washer that won't spin

Maytag Washer Won’t Spin: Top 3 Troubleshooting Tips

Nothing is more frustrating than when your Maytag washer won’t spin. Sopping wet clothes take forever to dry and no one has time for that. It is useful to know how to troubleshoot the issues yourself, as the solution may be simple.

Maytag Washer Troubleshooting Note: Check the user manual online to help you locate the parts to your specific model. 

3 Tips if Your Maytag Washer Won’t Spin

The first step is to pinpoint the cause of the problem. There are many reasons why this happens and knowing what to look for can help you assess how to fix a washer that won’t spin.

Here are some tips you can use yourself to find out why your Maytag washer won’t spin:

Tip #1: Check for Jammed Clothes

One common cause why a Maytag top load washer won’t spin is due to an uneven load or jammed clothing.

Larger items or loads tend to settle on one side of the washer drum during a cycle. Try to redistribute the load or remove a few articles of clothing and run the spin cycle on your washer again.

If this doesn’t help, check outside the washer drum for jammed clothing and remove them.

maytag top load washer won't spin

Tip #2: Inspect Lid Switch

If you’re wondering why your Maytag top load washer isn’t spinning your clothes dry, check the lid switch.

The switch prevents the washer from spinning while the lid is open. This is usually a handy feature. However, if this switch fails, the Maytag washer won’t spin even if the washer lid is closed.

Check for a faulty lid switch by first inspecting the plastic tab on the lid that triggers the switch when closed. If damaged, it may be failing to trigger the lid switch.

If all seems well with the tab, the next step is to check the switch itself. Listen for a click when you close the washer lid. If you don’t hear it, then the lid switch is most likely broken and needs replacement.

Tip #3: Check Drive Belt

Finally, if your Maytag top load washer won’t spin, look at the drive belt to see if it’s loose, damaged, or broken. If you also find your washer making loud noise when spinning, the drive belt may be the culprit. Remove the back panel of your Maytag washer and locate the drive belt to see if it’s on the pulley system.

If loose, simply tighten the belt on the pulleys. However, if the belt is otherwise frayed, damaged, or broken, it needs replacement.

If your efforts to troubleshoot a Maytag washer not spinning yourself prove difficult or the repair is too complex, contact Sloan Appliance Service for your Maytag washer repair needs.

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