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Cathy M.

Three important facts to remember about Sloan Appliance: They call when they say they are going to call, and they come to provide service when they say they are going to be there. Also, the technicians are courteous and efficient! You can’t beat Sloan Appliance for excellent service!!!

Mitchell K.

They do very consistent work. They are very good and thorough. They are very knowledgeable about multiple products. If I have another appliance problem, I will give them a call. They are not the cheapest, but they are not the most expensive. If you want it done right the first time, give them a call.

Valerie B.


Elveta F.

Replaced the defrost thermostat.  Very professional and timely.

Leigh H.

 would recommend them to anyone. We have used them several times.

Shawn B.

We will certainly continue to use Sloan Appliance!  Sloan’s positive, can-do attitude is a great example of what customer service should be!  Thank you Sloan Appliance!

Ladonna H.

Technician was professional and courteous.

BeeBe J.

They came pretty quickly. We were happy with the work that they did. They fixed the issue. I was pleased with their services.

Joe N.

I did not compare prices though I did call different companies. They seemed knowledgeable and well informed. They seemed like experts. I do not know if they are less expensive or not. They came out when the said they were going to, diagnosed the problem and then he even found the part I needed cheaper. I would use them again.

Mary M.

We had purchased a new dishwasher and it had a defective switch. So, we called the 1800 number that was on the warranty of the dishwasher company and they sent us to someone else. We had a disastrous experience with them. It took them 3 weeks to replace the switch. On one occasion they made an appointment and I stayed here all day long waiting for them to show up, but they never showed up. It was really awful. Sloan Appliance Service was an alternative that they had offered. The reason why I hadn’t used their services before was because I had called the first place that they had suggested and made an appointment. Then I called Sloan to see if I could get an earlier appointment, but they said they couldn’t. So, I went with the appointment that I had. We once again had a problem and we were thinking of replacing a gas range before Christmas. A guy came out to have a look at the range and told me that he could fix it, but he recommended me to buy a new one. He didn’t charge me anything. I was impressed by his integrity. He showed me something about the dishwasher and the problem with the other company is that they are understaffed. The guy who came out was prompt and he came when he said he would come. He was courteous and friendly. He gave me an honest opinion and it also saved me money. Everything about him was excellent. I would definitely use his services in the future and I would definitely call them back if I have any problems with large appliances. They are a local company as well and they are well established in this community. They depend upon word of mouth.

Libba U.

I have used Sloan for over 20 years. they stand by their work and their word. If they say they are going to do something it is done. I wish that other service areas were as good and professional.

James R.

They were prompt. They did a good job. Their price was reasonable. It was a fine experience. They really knew what they were doing. They were familiar with the product and knew how to fix it. I would use them in the future.

Donald H.

Great service.

Holly A.

They are great. They did an excellent job on the machine.

Alan K.

They provided reliable service. The worker came on time and did was he was supposed to do. The price was fair.

Stephen D.

Technician was on time, checked oven and found the problem, then explained the problem.  They ordered the part and three days later they came and installed the new computer board in 10 minutes.  The oven works now.

Michael K.

Have used them several times including range repairs. They are prompt, polite and very professional. They will tell you honestly when something is not worth repairing rather than waste your money.

Barbara D.

Technician helped us. He was on time. He diagnosed the problem and provided an estimate for repair. However, he went the extra mile by finding us a replacement oven at an appliance dealer that was an exact fit for ours. The new oven was only $200 more than the repair estimate. He came back and installed it after delivery. So instead of a 15 year old oven with a new motherboard we have a new oven. The size was a hard to find one and we could not believe he knew where a new one was. Prices for both visits were very reasonable. Great Experience and will definitely use this company again. Honest with professional employees.

Hillary M.

They were very good and I would recommend them. I thought that their service was very good and that they were very helpful. The quality was very good too. I don’t have any way of evaluating their price. I would absolutely use them again in the future if necessary.

Joe S.

The experience went great. They arrived right when they promised they would. Based on my explanation over the phone, the tech had an idea of what it might be. He pulled the stove out and identified within five minutes that the problem lied within the 220 volt receptacle the stove plugged into. I replaced the receptacle and the stove works great. I was ready to spend $1000 on a new stove or at least $200-$300 on the repair. I was happy to pay the $80! From what I can tell, Sloan is a pretty solid and reputable company.

Stephen C.

Good analysis of problem. We followed his advice and fixed the refrigerator.

Ancel H.

From the first interaction to completion of the work, the professionalism and customer focus that the Sloan team displayed was excellent. The service technician went out of his way to accommodate my time frame and schedule and was quick and thorough.