How to Prevent Your Washing Machine Walking Out of Place

A washing machine walking across the floor can be a real hassle. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can also damage your floor. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why your washing machine might be walking, as well as how to fix the issue.

Prevent Your Washing Machine Walking Across the Floor

Washing machines can be easily damaged by walking, so if you notice this problem happening, fix it as soon as possible before it causes any further damage. Follow these simple steps to stop your washer walking across the floor.

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Ensure the Washer Feet are Level

One of the simplest ways to prevent your washing machine from walking is to ensure that the washer feet are level. If they’re not, the washing machine will wobble and eventually walk across the floor. You can check the level of the washer feet by using a spirit level.

If the washing machine feet are not level, adjust them by using the adjustment screws at the base of the washing machine. These screws will allow you to raise or lower each foot independently. Once you’ve adjusted the feet, test the level again. Repeat this step until the washer is perfectly level.

unbalanced washer

Fix an Unbalanced Washing Machine

If the washing machine is walking, it might be the result of an unbalanced washer. As the machine agitates to move the load around, you may observe the washer pulls away from the wall or walks across the floor. Now you may be wondering, “how do you fix an unbalanced washing machine?” It’s simple!

To balance the load, reposition the clothes in the washing machine so that they’re evenly distributed. You can also try adding a few extra items to the washing machine to help balance the load if necessary.

Check the Position of the Wash Drum

Another cause for a washing machine walking is that the wash drum is not positioned correctly. If the drum is not in the correct position, it can cause vibrations that will make the washing machine walk.

Place your washing machine on a flat surface. You may need to adjust the feet again if the washing machine has moved out of position. Once you’ve done so, ensure that there is nothing preventing the door from closing properly, and test it again.

If your washing machine is still walking across the floor, check the position of the washing machine drum. Do this by using a ruler or spirit level to measure the gap between the washing machine drum and the washing machine door. If this gap isn’t even all around, it can cause vibrations that might lead your washing machine to walk across the floor.

To solve this problem, call a professional washer repair technician for help. Attempting to remove the washer drum yourself may cause even more problems.

Use Vibration Pads to Stop the Washer from Walking

If you’ve run through all these steps but your washing machine is still walking, you can try using vibration pads to stop it from moving. Vibration pads are small rubber or foam pads that you can place between the washing machine and the floor. This will help to absorb any vibrations that might cause the washing machine to walk.

You can find vibration pads at most hardware stores or online. Simply measure the size of your washing machine and purchase the appropriate pads. Once you’ve received the pads, follow the instructions on how to install them.

If you’re still having problems with your washing machine walking, call a professional washer repair technician to receive a diagnosis.

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