Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner and you don’t know where to start? Your oven repair service experts at Sloan Appliance Service made this comprehensive Thanksgiving planning guide from when to shop for thanksgiving groceries to when to put the turkey in the oven.

Thanksgiving Planning Guide:
A Countdown to the Big Day

We know it can be stressful to know how to plan Thanksgiving. That’s why this Thanksgiving countdown planner starts one month ahead to give you all the time you need:

One Month Before Thanksgiving

Starting a Thanksgiving prep list this far ahead will save time later! It’s also a good time to use a natural oven cleaner to make sure your oven is in tiptop shape. Here are some items to check off your list 30 days before Turkey Day:

  • Verify your guest list and RSVPs
  • Confirm if your guests want to contribute a dish
  • Plan your menu and recipes
  • Start a shopping list, including kitchen tools you may need
  • Order your turkey if necessary

Thanksgiving planning guide

One Week Before Thanksgiving

If you were wondering, “How far in advance can I cook for Thanksgiving?” now is a good time to start. Here are some additional Thanksgiving planning guide tips:

  • Shop for non-perishable items
  • Prepare soups, dough, or rolls and freeze them for later use
  • Defrost frozen turkey in the refrigerator 6 days before Thanksgiving, depending on weight

Two Days Before Thanksgiving

Now you can make your second shopping trip for all your fresh ingredients. Your Thanksgiving cooking schedule can continue with these prep suggestions:

  • Defrost frozen items
  • Chop vegetables
  • Prepare stuffing ingredients
  • Measure spices

One Day Before Thanksgiving:

Here’s where our Thanksgiving planning guide should be really helpful. Hopefully, all your prep work is done and now you can get ahead by:

  • Baking desserts
  • Preparing side dishes
  • Setting the table

Thanksgiving Day

You’ve made it! All that remains are the last steps in our Thanksgiving planning guide to get you to the table:

  • Put the turkey in the oven at least 4 hours before dinner (earlier if the turkey is over 15lbs)
  • Blanch vegetables and cook potatoes
  • Plate any appetizers
  • Prepare beverages
  • While turkey rests, prep gravy and reheat side dishes
  • Carve turkey

With a little forethought, our Thanksgiving planning guide can take the guesswork out of Thanksgiving prep so you can enjoy what’s most important…being with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Sloan Appliance Service!

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