Dear Sloan Appliance Customers,

As of July 14, 2020, we are receiving an unprecedented amount of service call requests. We are doing everything we can to accommodate the influx of requests and we ask you to please show our staff patience and understanding while we resolve the issue.

What is the Cause for the Major Increase in Requests?

Like many other appliance repair companies across the nation, we are experiencing a spike in repair requests that have surpassed our capacity. Many factors may be contributing to the situation, including customers delaying repairs due to the impact of COVID-19, the need for repair due to new appliance shortages, and a seasonal increase in demand.

How COVID-19 Contributes to the Backlog

We implemented our Coronavirus Prevention and Safety Protocols earlier this year in accordance with CDC recommendations to help reduce the spread of infection. Due to this, our operations have slowed and it has taken some time to gain back our usual efficiency. Additionally, we are temporarily understaffed because of the unique circumstances COVID-19 presents.

What We Are Doing to Solve the Issue

We are looking for experienced Appliance Repair Technicians to increase our capacity for service requests. If you or anyone you know would be interested in the position, we encourage you to apply online.

Our top priority at Sloan Appliance Service is to assist you as best as possible during these trying times. We thank you in advance for your understanding while we work to resolve our temporary backlog.