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Here Are 4 Reasons Why Your Maytag Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry

When your Maytag dryer takes too long to dry, that means you have even less time in a day to figure out why. We’ll help you save time by discussing common causes when a dryer does not dry like power source problems and part failures.

Maytag Dryer Takes Too Long? Troubleshoot With These Time-Saving Tips

When your dryer takes forever to dry, it can feel like there are 100 possibilities. Fortunately, the most common start with problems you can solve at home. We’ll also specify common part malfunctions to pinpoint possible repairs.

Power Source Problems

When your Maytag dryer takes too long sometimes, it’s the power source and not the dryer that’s the problem. We recommend performing these power assessments early in your troubleshooting:

  • Make sure dryer is properly plugged in without the use of an extension cord
  • Double-check that the dryer’s outlet is the proper voltage. An electric dryer requires at least 220V of electricity via an outlet that accommodates a 3 or 4 prong electrical cord
  • Check your dryer’s circuit breaker to assess for blown fuses or a tripped breaker


A dryer is considered overloaded if it’s filled to the top with clothes or loaded with more than one wash load. When this happens, the dryer’s tumbling and airflow are restricted, and air won’t be able to reach every article of clothing. This could mean your Maytag dryer takes two cycles to dry instead of one, wasting time and energy.

Follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual regarding your dryer’s capacity. We typically suggest filling the dryer only ¾ of the way full for better tumbling action and airflow.

maytag dryer takes too long

Clogged Dryer Vents

Clogged dryer vents are probably the most common cause when your Maytag dryer takes too long. Even if you clean your dryer’s lint filter regularly, lint will still find its way to the vent system. When this happens, airflow will be restricted, and you’ll notice your dryer leaving clothes damp.

To prevent vent clogs, clean out your dryer vent annually, and assess the vent for pinches or crimps that also restrict airflow. Include the vent hood outside the house, making sure the door opens completely when the dryer is in use.

Part Failure

If your Maytag dryer still takes too long after these troubleshooting tips, a part failure could be to blame. These components can result in longer drying times when they malfunction:

Gas valve solenoid: this component opens the gas valve in gas dryers to allow gas to flow to the burner. If the solenoid malfunctions, the valve won’t open, and gas won’t be able to reach the burner. Gas valve solenoids can’t be repaired and should be professionally replaced

Heating element: in electric dryers, the heating element consists of electric wires inside a metal coil. When these wires receive electrical current, they heat the metal coil, providing heat for the dryer. Heating elements can burn out over time, requiring professional replacement.

Blower wheel: the blower wheel helps circulate air in the dryer drum. Occasionally, stray clothing or lint can clog the wheel and limit its function. Check the wheel for obstructions, removing any visible blockages. If this doesn’t restore wheel function and the wheel is wobbly when turned by hand, it needs professional replacement.

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