Washer Repair Lexington, SC

A broken washer can easily ruin laundry day. Instead of driving to the laundromat to clean your clothes, contact Sloan Appliance Service right away. Our washer repair Lexington technicians are always prepared to help when you need a professional to get your day back on track.


You need a local company that has the skill and knowledge to fix your particular make and model of washing machine quickly, and at an affordable price. That’s where we come in! Sloan Appliance Service is the leading expert for washer repair in Lexington, SC and nearby areas. Whether you have a front-load, top-load, or stackable washer, our techs have seen it all. So don’t wait any longer and let your laundry pile up! Contact us to schedule your appointment today

Our Washer Repair Lexington Services

Our washer repair Lexington technicians have the experience and training to take on any laundry appliance failure. No matter if your Whirlpool washer won’t drain or your Maytag washer doesn’t turn on, you and your family can rest assured that we will have it up and running in no time.

If you’d rather troubleshoot your laundry appliance issues before you give us a call, check out our expert tips below. There is no problem we haven’t seen, so if the solution is more involved than you’re prepared to take on, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Washer Not Spinning

When your washer won’t spin or agitate, your clothes won’t be cleaning properly.

One common sign your washer isn’t spinning is if your clothes are still soaking wet after a cycle. The cause could be due to a:

  • Broken drive belt
  • Failed motor control board
  • Worn out clutch


Pro Tip: Avoid overloading your machine. The extra weight can add stress on washer parts and wear them down quickly.

Washer Won't Drain

Is your washer still full of water when the cycle completes?

It’s likely your washer isn’t draining properly. Our washer repair Lexington techs will inspect your unit for various problems including these common causes:

  • Clogged drain hose
  • Clogged drain pump
  • Defective lid switch


Pro Tip: If your washer has a coin trap, clean it out. Large objects caught here can obstruct drainage if the trap gets too full.

Washer Won't Fill With Water

Your washing machine can’t do it’s one job if water isn’t reaching the tub.

Contact Sloan Appliance Service to diagnose and repair any of these common causes for this issue:

  • Faulty water inlet valve
  • Failed control board
  • Defective water level switch


Pro Tip: Check your home’s water supply pressure before you assume your washer is the problem. It should have at least 20 psi.

Expert Service For Popular Washer Brands

At Sloan Appliance Service, we pride ourselves on offering nothing but reliable, long-lasting, affordable repairs to our local community. So why waste time looking for another washer repair Lexington company when we provide factory-authorized service for over 45 different brands?

Check out the long list of brands we work on below. Don’t see yours listed? Give us a call today and we’d be happy to let you know if we can work on your unit.

whirlpool washer repair Lexington

5-Star Washer Repair in Lexington

You don’t need to settle for just any Lexington washer repair company. With Sloan Appliance Service, you’re not getting only the best repair possible, but you’re also receiving world-class customer service. Just read what our many satisfied customers have to say: