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You need both a working washer and dryer to make laundry day go smoothly. So if your dryer is on the fritz, your whole routine is ruined. What you need is to schedule dryer repair Lexington services right away. We understand that you don’t want to spend your day hanging clothes outside or making the trek to your local laundromat!

Let our expert team of trained techs give you reliable and affordable dryer repair in Lexington. Whether you have a gas, electric, or stackable unit, there is no problem we can’t fix fast. So don’t wait any longer! Schedule your service call with Sloan Appliance Service today.

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Does your Frigidaire dryer not heat? Or will your Whirlpool dryer not start at all? Leave it to our trained and certified technicians to take care of the problem with skill and expertise. We know that you need your dryer fixed as soon as possible, which is why our dryer repair Lexington pros treat your broken down appliance as their priority.

If you’d rather troubleshoot the issue yourself before contacting Sloan Appliance Service, we’re here to offer our expert insight! The solution to your dryer breakdown may not be straightforward, but we have some tips to help you find the answers before you call us for Lexington dryer repair services.

Dryer Not Heating

Your clothes could take forever to dry if your dryer doesn’t heat up at all.

Our dryer repair Lexington techs can quickly diagnose and fix whatever is causing the problem, including a:

  • Burned out heating element
  • Failed igniter
  • Blown thermal fuse


Quick Tip: Clean your dryer vents if it’s been longer than 6 months. Clogged vents prevent proper airflow and heating. 

Dryer Won't Start

Your dryer is pretty much useless if it doesn’t start at all.

We often work on dryers that won’t turn on and know what to look for to get yours working again just in time for laundry day. Common causes include:

  • Faulty door switch
  • Blown thermal fuse
  • Defective start switch


Quick Tip: Check to make sure your dryer’s plug is seated in the outlet properly. Reset the breakers as well before calling for repair. 

Dryer Makes Loud Noises

It’s normal to hear some noise from your dryer when it’s running.

However, if you hear anything older than it’s normal low hum, you should call us ASAP. Don’t wait to get these commonly failed parts replaced:

  • Defective idler pulley
  • Worn drive belt
  • Faulty drum rollers


Quick Tip: Don’t overload your dryer. Too much weight can put a strain on parts and cause premature breakdowns.

Dryer Brands We Service

It can be stressful finding a reliable dryer repair Lexington tech that knows your brand. When you choose Sloan Appliance Service, you don’t have to keep searching for another company that knows your make or model. We are factory authorized for over 45 popular and high-end brands available on the market.

No matter if you need a Whirlpool or Maytag dryer repair Lexington expert to fix your unit, know that our highly-trained professionals are ready to provide the world-class service you’d expect from a repair company that’s serviced the area for over 60 years.

We work on the following dryer brands (and more!):

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