how to change refrigertor water filter

How Often to Replace a Refrigerator Water Filter

In today’s busy household, it’s easy to forget mundane maintenance tasks unless they’re scheduled into your calendar. Otherwise, you may not remember to replace a refrigerator water filter until it’s way overdue. But this is one task you don’t want to miss.

To keep refrigerator water clean, pure, and fresh-tasting, your refrigerator needs a clean water filter. Once the filter is old and clogged, you’re no longer drinking clean water. Yuck.

FAQ: When to Replace a Refrigerator Water Filter?

Our refrigerator repair experts share their top tips with you to help keep your refrigerator in good working order and at peak performance. Take a look.

How Often to Replace a Refrigerator Water Filters

You should replace a refrigerator water filter every 6 months with average usage. If you have a busy household, you may find the need to replace the filter even more frequently.

When it’s time to change the water filter in your refrigerator be sure to purchase the water filter recommended by the manufacturer of your make and model. High-quality filters produce high-quality water, so don’t skimp on cheap filters.

Signs a Refrigerator Water Filter Needs to be Replaced

Guidelines for filter placement are a good start. However, you should replace a refrigerator water filter any time you begin experiencing signs of poor filter quality. Here are some indicators that your water filter needs to be replaced:

  • water tastes like tap
  • ice tastes bad
  • water or ice smells bad
  • water pressure from the dispenser is low
  • water filter alert beeps or changes color
change water filter in refrigerator
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How to Replace Refrigerator Water Filters

Learning how to replace refrigerator water filters is easy. Some water filters require a quarter left turn to remove, or the push of a button. Refer to your owners manual for detailed instructions on replacing the water filter for your specific make and model.

Generally, you can replace a water filter by doing the following:

Step 1: Locate your water filter.

Step 2: Pull the filter out. Note: If the filter has a cap, set the cap aside and discard the used filter.

Step 3: Open the new filter and remove any protective coverings.

Step 4: Install the new filter fully. There is usually an arrow or mark to align the filter vertically.

Step 5: Place the cap onto the new filter, when applicable.

Step 6: Dispense about 4 gallons of water through the line to flush out the new filter before using.

change water filter in refrigerator
Image from DIY and RVing with Javi


Once you have installed and flushed out the new filter it is ready to use! Don’t forget to schedule a reminder in your calendar to replace your filter again in another 6 months. Changing your water filter should be a part of your regular maintenance routine to enjoy fresh, pure water all year round.

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