If there’s someone on your gift list who loves to bake, a new set of bakeware can be the perfect present. What are the best bakeware sets 2020 has to offer? For beginners, Farberware’s basic set of cookie, cake, and loaf pans covers all the bases. From the best ceramic sets to budget-friendly options, there’s something to delight your favorite baker on Christmas morning!

How to Choose the Best Bakeware Sets 2020

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced baker, the right set of bakeware can enhance your results. Our list of the best bakeware sets 2020 has something for everyone with a variety of materials and price points to choose the perfect gift. 

Best Beginner Bakeware Set

Instead of bells and whistles, baking sets for beginners should have practical options to master the basics. This set by the trusted name of Farberware provides cookie sheets, 3 different cake pans, a loaf pan, and a muffin tin. It’s sturdy, non-stick material can withstand years of baking experiments, while its non-stick surface makes for a happy baker with easy food release.

Farberware Non-stick Steel Bakeware Set:

  • Solid steel construction with easy non-stick surface
  • Price: $43.00
  • Where to Buy
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Best Ceramic Bakeware Set

Ceramic provides all the benefits of a non-stick coating without the chemicals and additives of Teflon, making it ideal for the health-conscious baker. In addition, cakes, cookies, and muffins slide out so easily that fats like butter and oils aren’t even necessary. But what really makes this the best ceramic bakeware set? It’s dishwasher-safe, ensuring easy cleanup.

Gotham Steel Nonstick Bakeware Set with Durable Ceramic Coating:

  • Durable construction, natural non-stick capabilities
  • Price: $52.99
  • Where to Buy
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Best Budget Bakeware Set

The best bakeware sets 2020 don’t require a hefty price tag. This collection is under $40 and includes 8 pieces, making it one of the best bakeware sets for the money. Unlike most bakeware packages, it includes a Springform pan, 6-piece muffin tin, and a pizza pan for every baking need. Looking for a budget-conscious way to clean your oven after baking? Use baking soda and vinegar for a cleaning that’s natural, effective, and inexpensive.

NARCE 8-Piece Non-stick Bakeware Set:

  • Non-stick surface, steel construction, dishwasher-safe
  • Price: $38.99
  • Where to Buy
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Best Glass Bakeware Set

Tempered glass provides the ultimate in superior heat conduction and versatility. Not only is it dishwasher-safe bakeware, but it can also go from the microwave to the refrigerator or freezer with ease. What makes this one of the best glass bakeware sets is how much it includes beyond the standard baking and loaf pans. The set also comes with a measuring cup, mixing bowl, and 6 custard cups with lids for easy food storage.

Anchor Hocking Oven Basics Glass Baking Dishes:

  • Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe, includes storage cups
  • Price: $52.31
  • Where to Buy
best glass bakeware sets

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Our oven repair experts hope that the best bakeware sets 2020 bring joy to the bakers in your life. Happy Holidays from all of us at Sloan Appliance Service!