what type of dishwasher detergent is best

Powder or Gel Dishwasher Detergent: Which is Better?

Most people only consider changing detergents when they find their dishwasher not cleaning dishes. But with the plethora of available options, it’s hard to know which type is best. Is powder or gel dishwasher detergent better? Both have specific advantages, though tablets or pods have the best overall cleaning power.

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Family-Friendly Christmas Events in Columbia, SC 2021

The holidays are a time to be with family and remember the simple joys of the season. There are many Christmas events in Columbia for families to share, so we made a list of our favorites. We hope they add to your holiday family fun!

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dishwasher safe bakeware

Christmas Gift Idea: 4 Best Bakeware Sets 2021

If there’s someone on your gift list who loves to bake, a new set of bakeware can be the perfect present. What is the best bakeware sets 2021 has to offer? For beginners, Farberware’s basic set of cookie, cake, and loaf pans covers all the bases. From the best ceramic

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how to remove Thanksgiving food stains
Cleaning & Maintenance

Holiday Hacks: How to Remove Thanksgiving Food Stains

As beautiful as it looks on a dinner plate, Thanksgiving dinner can end up as stubborn spots on clothes and table linens. What’s the best way to remove Thanksgiving stains? A quick spot treatment with cool water and dish soap can keep most from setting before machine washing. Learn how

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We’re Experiencing a Temporary Service Backlog

Dear Sloan Appliance Customers, As of current, we are receiving an unprecedented amount of service call requests. We are doing everything we can to accommodate the influx of requests and we ask you to please show our staff patience and understanding while we resolve the issue. What is the Cause

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pumpkin spice dessert recipes

4 Best Pumpkin Spice Dessert Recipes You Have to Try

When cooler weather triggers leaves to fall and birds to fly south, humans must answer a different calling…the need for pumpkin spice. What can pumpkin spice be used for? While it seems to be in everything from pancakes to coffee, dessert is where it can really shine. Try these simple

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food truck festival columbia

Things to Do in Columbia SC This Fall 2021

As summer comes to close and the leaves start to change, you’re probably gearing up for the fun activities fall has to offer. Luckily, there are plenty of things to do in Columbia this fall! From festivals to food truck events, Columbia is a great place to enjoy the change

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how much laundry detergent should i use

How Much Laundry Detergent to Use & Other Washer FAQs

While many believe that more is better, sometimes it’s just…more. This is especially true in the case of laundry detergent, where using too much can actually harm your clothes and washer. How much laundry detergent should I use? It largely depends on the size of your wash load and your

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samsung dryer lights up but won't start

Samsung Dryer Won’t Start? Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

A dryer that won’t start leaves your laundry half done with a pile of wet clothes. Why won’t my Samsung dryer start on command? The wrong setting selection may be delaying or preventing an immediate start. Learn the most likely reasons for a Samsung dryer not starting to solve the

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