Kitchenaid Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

Help! My Kitchenaid Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

If you have a Kitchenaid refrigerator, there’s a good chance you may have experienced water leakage at some point. This is a common issue with these appliances, and can be frustrating to deal with. We’ll go through the potential reasons why your Kitchenaid refrigerator is leaking water, as well as

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Maytag dishwasher leaking water

How Do I Fix My Maytag Dishwasher Leaking Water?

Is your Maytag dishwasher leaking water? Has the dishwasher been acting up lately, and you’re not sure how to fix it? If so, don’t worry – this blog post is here to help! In this post, we will discuss some of the most common causes of water leakage in Maytag

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whirlpool refrigerator makes noise

Whirlpool Refrigerator Makes Noise? This May Be Why…

Are you wondering why your Whirlpool refrigerator makes noise? If your refrigerator is making strange noises, you’re not alone. These appliances are notorious for making weird sounds, and it can be tough to determine the cause. This troubleshooting guide will discuss the most common Whirlpool refrigerator noises and their reasons.

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oven fan won't turn off

A Troubleshooting Guide for When the Oven Fan Won’t Turn Off

If your oven fan won’t turn off, you’re not alone. This is a common problem that many people experience. There are several possible causes for this issue, and in this blog post we will discuss three of the most common ones. Oven Fan Won’t Turn Off? Try This… Wondering why

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easter egg hunts in columbia

Easter Egg Hunts in Columbia SC 2022

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and here comes Peter Cottontail! Things are hopping around here as everyone gets ready for Easter egg hunts in Columbia SC. We’ve compiled a list of a few Easter events in South Carolina to help you prepare for the holiday.

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How to Prevent Your Washing Machine Walking Out of Place

A washing machine walking across the floor can be a real hassle. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can also damage your floor. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why your washing machine might be walking, as well as how to fix the issue. Prevent

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ice maker overflowing
Ice Maker

Ice Maker Overflowing? This Could Be Why.

An overflowing ice maker can become quite a mess. Whether it’s an ice maker overflowing with ice, or a refrigerator ice maker overflowing with water, you’ll want to find the source of this slippery problem and fix it, fast. Common Causes for an Ice Maker Overflowing An overflowing ice maker

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what type of dishwasher detergent is best

Powder or Gel Dishwasher Detergent: Which is Better?

Most people only consider changing detergents when they find their dishwasher not cleaning dishes. But with the plethora of available options, it’s hard to know which type is best. Is powder or gel dishwasher detergent better? Both have specific advantages, though tablets or pods have the best overall cleaning power.

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